Saturday, Aug 27th

Today was a wonderful day to be on the water. There was some wind but that didn’t deter our guests. The excitement of what marine wildlife we may encounter was evident by their faces.


On our morning trip we were first lucky enough to be joined by a group of over 200+ Pacific White Sided Dolphins swimming in the middle of the strait. What a treat to watch these amazing creatures cut through the water with such ease.


Shortly after that we came upon the I15 Matriline from the Northern Resident (fish eating) Killer Whales. They were westing from Robson Bight Ecological Reserve moving very quickly.


We encountered a Humpback Whale but were unable to identify it. Our guests also witnessed Pacific Harbour Seals and Steller Sea Lions at Parson’s Light.

Our afternoon trip was treated to a wonderful day on the water as well with lots of encounters.

The I15’s were still in the area of Robson Bight Ecological Reserve and there were also some Pacific White Sided Dolphins harassing them.


We also were able to spend some time with 2 Humpback Whales. Our Naturalist Johnanna was able to Identify them as Squiggle and Tag.


On our way back we encountered another group of Killer Whales but were not sure who they were.

Another wonderful day in paradise with wildlife abound. What will tomorrow bring?

August 25th

This mornings trip began with us chasing the fog! We had sightings reports of Killer Whales spotted at Izumi Rock. Once we arrived they were soon identified as the I15 and A30 pods of Northern Resident fish-eating Killer Whales, there was 27 whales between the two pods! They were very active with many partial breaches, porpoising, and we even heard some great vocals!


As the sun broke through the fog we headed for Blackney Pass where we saw lots of rednecked Phalaropes and Cassin’s Auks. Also spotted was a Humpback Whale gracefully happing.


Right at Cracroft Point we saw 5 Steller Sea Lions enjoying the warm summer sun. As we ventured on back to the wharf we got another look at the A30 pod of Northern Resident fish-eating Killer Whales. Their beauty never ceases to amaze.


August 24th

Our afternoon trip started at the beautiful Robson Bight Ecological Reserve where lots of Northern Resident fish-eating Killer Whales were spotted westing into the Reserve. They were very active with some spyhopping, porpoising , partial blows, and even some vocalizing!


After watching the Killer Whales for a while we headed over to Cracroft Point to see some Steller Sea Lions sun bathing on the rocks. While we were watching the Sea Lions, Squiggles the Humpback showed up!


The day continued to be great as we heard 4 Bald Eagles vocalizing in Kingfisher Pass! On our way back to the docks a pod of Dall’s Porpoises were spotted making their way up Blackney Pass. DSC_0019


Tuesday, August 23

Like-a-lake conditions! The Tenacious III headed up to Blackney Pass this morning in January-like weather, and went into Kingfisher Pass to see the Eagle’s nest and some Steller Sea Lions


Up in Blackfish sound and towards Weyton Pass we saw 2-3 Humpback Whales slowly swimming along. Hauled out on Stubbs Island we spotted approximately 30 Steller Sea Lions and a Bald Eagles nest before it was covered in fog.


Heading into the Johnstone Strait and out of the fog, the Tenacious III came across the A42 and the A30 matriline of the Northern Resident fish-eating Killer Whales. Our lucky tour group was able to hear some AMAZING vocalizations!


The Killer Whales were foraging and socializing in the calm seas. Blue skies and flat water accompanied the Tenacious III home to Kelsey Bay!

Monday, August 22

It was a bouncy ride out of Kelsey Bay this morning, as our boat load of German friends (and a couple from Calgary) headed out to have some fun. 20 minutes north of Kelsey Bay the Tenacious III came across a group of 100 Pacific White Sided Dolphins!


A lonely Steller Sea lion was spotted at Cracroft Point, and a single Humpback Whale lazily swam in the distance. Heading into Blackfish sound we spotted the A30 matriline of the Northern Resident fish-eating Killer Whales in a resting line.


It was absolutely gorgeous, the 6 mammals breathing in unison as they rested. What an amazing sight! Eventually leaving the whales, we headed off to spot a unique sight, a single Humpback Whale to the right and approximately 30 Steller Sea Lions resting on rocks to our left! Wow!


Off in the distance we spotted a third Humpback Whale, how lucky! It was a calmer ride back to Kelsey Bay, and the lucky group spotted the Pacific White Sided Dolphins on the way home, what a way to end an amazing day!

This afternoons tour had a smoother ride out of Kelsey Bay than it’s earlier counterpart. The Tenacious III headed up to the tip of Hanson Island, where they spotted the A42 matriline of the Northern Resident fish-eating Killer Whales, 5 mammals total, in a resting line heading towards the Dr. Michael Biggs Robson Bight Ecological Reserve.


A single Humpback Whale was spotted, and it offered the guests multiple fluke shots!


The Humpback Whale and the Killer Whales were in the same area, some of the guests got amazing shots of the two species in the same picture! We had lunch in a protected bay, watching a Bald Eagle perched along the shore. Captain Chris and Naturalist Tina decided to head back to show the guests the Steller Sea Lions, and spotted another Humpback Whale!


What a day!

Saturday August 20

As we reached Blackney Pass the fog lifted and we saw the glow of the sun on the mountains and the trees. Eagles were perched from the trees. We saw at least 2 Humpback Whales and lazily enjoyed the scenery while having lunch. Dall’s Porpoises and Steller Sea Lions were also in the vicinity. Pacific White Sided Dolphins swam quickly by the boat while we travelled through the Johnstone Strait. The A42s and A30s, two matrilines of the Northern Resident fish-eating Killer Whales were moving west and we caught up with them when we were heading back. The vocalizations as the whales communicated with each other were unbelieveable. The whales continued west as we moved east, riding back to Kelsey Bay in the sun.

Friday, August 20th

On our morning trip we had wonderful calm seas, and a warm breeze. Shortly into the trip we saw the billowing blow of a Humpback Whale. The whale was taking long dives so on the second dive we decided to venture west into Blackfish Sound.



Before arriving we saw a large group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins! 100+ Dolphins crossed our path and followed us into Blackfish Sound were we had lunch. Just before we left to return we found hte Norther Resident Killer Whales. There were 2 Matrilines we encountered. The A30’s and the A42’s. We heard amazing vocalizations.


As we came back to the harbour an Irish couple recognized that one of the boats was named Brionglóid, meaning Dream in Gaelic. The perfect description of the trip.

Our afternoon trip had a wonderfully inquisitive group who were eager to see what Mother Nature had in store for us.

We were able to once again meet up with the A30’s and the A42’s  from the Northern Resident (fish eating) Killer Whales population.


We also encountered 2  Humpback Whales. One was identified as Squiggles the other whale was not as easy to id. Our Naturalist Amber took photographs which will be forwarded to The Marine Education and Research Society for research and to find out the identification of this whale.


P1570524Guests were also able to watch Steller Sea Lions playing in the water enjoying the summer day.