Wednesday, October 5

So far so dry! It was a west coast misty day. Just off April Point 2 Humpback Whales were slowly swimming along. A female and calf to be exact! Up at the Orford it was right off to Tower #2 today, where a single Grizzly Bear was spotted snorkeling in the river, then it wandered up and across the road! 2 more Grizzly Bears were further upstream, 1 wandered down offering the guests a fabulous view. At Tower #5 there were 2 or 3 bears in the distance at the log jam. Back to Tower #2 2 more bears, possibly a sow (mother) kicking out a 3 yr old cub were bickering across the river. The 3 year old wandered away and began fishing. A little ways downstream another sow with 2 young cubs were fishing. Lovely evening, glass like waters and even some sunny skies!


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