Tuesday, October 11th.

It was another Outstanding October day today, sunny skies and frosty! In Calm Channel the TOO2Cs, 4 Biggs Transient mammal-eating Killer Whales were slowly heading north. Fresh snow dotted the mountains in Bute Inlet today! Off at Tower #2 today a single bear was upstream darting in and out of the log jam. A sow (mother) and 3 cubs were slowly working their way up from Downstream, lots of fishing and some playing fighting between the cubs. A few more bears were upstream fishing in the icy river. Another sow and her skittish yearling were fishing across the river. Another sow with triplets, different triplets than before, were fishing upstream. A lone Grizzly showed up after a while and fished upstream in a calm pool. On the way home, just off Henrietta Pt. were 2 Humpback Whales! Heading home through Hole in the Wall the Tenacious III came across the TOO2C’s again, they were swimming along in the ebb tide.

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