Wednesday,October 12.

It was a cool, crisp, clear day today, making it a beautiful ride up to the Orford River Valley. On the way up to the stands one bear was napping near the Grizzly sign, and another near the bear sign. A third bear was scratching on a stump near the Algard River. At the Eagle tower two bears were wandering around the river, one walked out onto a log and caught a big fish! One bear was walking along the shoreline of the Orford, then walked up the bank and across the road. 2 bears were on the gravel bar napping and digging for eggs. At Tower #2 there were bears galore! A sow (mother) and triplets, one bear fishing upstream, one bear on the lower log jam, 2 bears across the Orford, 2 more farther downstream on a log jam! Wow! All in all 18 Grizzly Bears were spotted today! On the way home a Humpback Whale was spotted by Brown’s Bay, what an ending to another AMAZING, Outstanding October day!

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