Wednesday, October 19th. Last Grizzly Expedition of 2016!

Today was a typical West Coast autumn day – slightly blustery and intermittent drizzling, yet topped with a tangible enthusiasm for what the day held in store. We were not disappointed! On our way to the Orford Bay 5 Humpback Whales were spotted – a mother and calf travelling south near the shore, one surfacing off in the distance, and two more being quite surface active in the distance as well. We were lucky enough to witness quite a few large splashes! Steller Sea Lions were occasionally popping up in the strong currents that helped speed up our trip. Once in the Orford, we were treated to multiple views of Bald Eagles and bears feasting; Tower #2 boasted multiple juvenile Eagles and two Grizzly Bears right right away. A mature Bald Eagle would occasionally swoop down at some of the juveniles, forcing them away from their salmon! As we left the tower, two more Grizzlies could be seen upstream, one of whom swam across the river. Continuing on, more bears were seen near the Grizzly sign fishing, napping on a gravel bar, and clambering over logs. At Tower #4, a pleasant surprise was had when a female bear charged a male bear, right to our bus! Needless to say, we enjoyed that spectacle from a safe distance before returning to board the bus and make our way home. The return ride was slightly lumpy, providing a marine roller coaster-like ride for our last trip of the season. To all those who came out on a trip with us this summer, thank you! We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Photo credit: Johanna Ferrie. Images taken with a telephoto lens.

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