July 7th

Today we had a group of Transient (Bigg’s / Mammal-eating) Killer Whales right in front of our office and Campbell River!! Right after the boat left the docks there were reports of orcas in the Discovery Passage and our guests were able to get a great view of them! We also had a pretty rare visit from Dall’s porpoise in the Discovery Passage! We usually see these amazing black and white cetaceans further op north. Other sightings include 2 Humpback Whales, Bald Eagles and Harbour Seals.

(Photo credit Roleen Sevillena, Discovery Marine Safaris’s on board marine naturalist)

If you would like to book a tour with us to see these and other magnificent creatures in the wild, please visit our website at http://adventurewhalewatching.com/whale-wildlifesafari.php
Feel free to email us at info@adventurewhalewatching.com, or give us a call at 1-250-287-7008!


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