Europa is Back – with a Calf!

It was another beautiful day full of whale watching here in Campbell River. Throughout the day we saw at least seven different Humpback Whales, including Europa and her new calf, Columbia, Nick, Yogi, Crescent, and several currently unidentified individuals, as well as Pacific Harbour Seals, Steller Sea Lions, and Bald Eagles. We had our first sighting of Europa the Humpback Whale of the season today, and noticed that she brought a calf back with her! We first saw Europa in the Discovery Passage area back in 2017, at which time she also had a calf with her, an individual we now refer to as Seabird. We’ve seen quite a few other mother-calf pairs this season, very exciting to have so many new whales in the area!

A juvenile Bald Eagle looks down into its nest.
Europa the Humpback Whale flukes seconds after her calf.
Steller Sea Lions haul out on the rocky shore.
Pacific Harbour Seals take an afternoon rest.

All photos taken by a naturalist with a telephoto lens and cropped. Copyright Discovery Marine Safaris.

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