Flukes, Fins, and Feathers

Sightings today included six different Humpback Whales, including Checkmate, Seabird, Columbia, Meniscus, Crescent, and a currently unidentified individual, as well as Harbour Seals and Bald Eagles. Early in the tour passengers got to see some surface activity, as Seabird and Checkmate began breaching, pectoral fin slapping, and tail lobbing. Motoring around Cortes Island we were able to find Meniscus and Crescent close to the shore, while Columbia and another whale were further in the passage. Later in the tour we watched as a Bald Eagle chick began testing out their wings, stretching in their nest.

Checkmate and Seabird the Humpback Whales.
Testing, testing.
Pacific Harbour Seals blend in among the log boom.
Checkmate the Humpback Whale tail lobs.

All photos taken by a naturalist with a telephoto lens and cropped. Copyright Discovery Marine Safaris.

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