A ‘Steller’ Tuesday!

We had awesome wildlife sightings all day long, from tiny Black Oystercatchers to huge Humpback Whales! Early in the day we were able to see KC and Checkmate the Humpback Whales as soon as we left the dock. As we traveled down the strait we also got to see a couple mother-calf pairs, as Tempest and Split Fluke along with their young swam around Mitlenatch Island. While we were around the Mitlenatch area we also got great looks at Pacific Harbour Seals, Steller Sea Lions, and several species of seabird. The afternoon tour also had great sightings. We got to see Tempest and her calf again, as they slapped their pectoral fins on the surface. Pepper, Beak, and Solar the Humpback Whales were also spotted not too far away, traveling north. Near the end of the tour we had a surprise Killer Whale sighting, and watched as the T002C matriline of Bigg’s (mammal-eating) Killer Whales swam through the island passages around Twin Islands.

A large male Steller Sea Lion lets out a big yawn.
Can you see where Split Fluke the Humpback Whale gets her nickname?
KC the Humpback Whale has a distinct notch in his dorsal fin
Black Oystercatchers browse along the rocky shoreline.
A member of the T002C matriline of Bigg’s Killer Whales.

All photos taken by a naturalist with a telephoto lens and cropped. Copyright Discovery Marine Safaris.

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