Sociable Humpback Whales!

Sightings today included at least 10 different Humpback Whales, Steller Sea Lions, Pacific Harbour Seals, and several species of sea bird.

Lorax the Humpback Whale breaches.

Early in the day on the morning tour we saw Cirque and Slits the Humpback Whales traveling together. After watching them we made our way into Sutil Channel between Quadra and Cortes Islands and saw Split Fin and another currently unidentified Humpback Whale making big circles around the pass. Towards the end of the tour we noticed two more Humpback Whales in the distance, one of which we know as Lorax, who appeared to be doing a bit of socializing and active behaviour, breaching and pectoral fin slapping!

A giant pectoral fin flies out of the water.

Later in the day during the afternoon tour we saw KC, Nick, and Lorax traveling together through a channel. The three whale swam so close together is almost looked as though they were surfacing on top of each other! We made our way down to Mitlenatch Island and saw Smiley and another Humpback Whale not far from shore. A tour around the island allowed us to have great Pacific Harbour Seal and Steller Sea Lion sightings as well. Passengers on this tour were treated to a different, more cultural view of the area as well, as the captain took us on a quick tour past Gorge Harbour, allowing people on board to view the pictograms drawn on the bluffs by First Nations People thousands of years ago.

A Pacific Harbour Seal dries off in the sun.
A pictogram has lasted on this cliff for thousands of years.
Black Oystercatchers feed on mussels along the shoreline.

All photos taken by a naturalist with a telephoto lens and cropped. Copyright Discovery Marine Safaris.

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