Rare Look at Bubble-net Feeding!

Sightings today included at least three Humpback Whales, Steller Sea Lions, and Pacific Harbour Seals.

Linea the Humpback Whale.

One of the highlights of today’s tour was a rare look at bubble-net feeding by Linea the Humpback Whale! Group bubble-net feeding is more well known off of Alaska and northern British Columbia, where groups of Humpback Whales coordinate with each other and blow bubbles to corral small schooling fish and then come up in the middle to grab a mouthful. We live and operate in an area famous for its quick currents and huge tides, so bubble-net feeding is not a strategy we often see here as the bubble net gets swept away too quickly, whales instead favour feeding strategies such as lunge feeding. However today we got a real treat as we got to view Linea the Humpback Whale solo bubble-net feeding! Viewing Pacific Harbour Seals off Mitlenatch we noticed one Humpback Whale frequently diving and circling with bubbles coming up to the surface. With more and more bubbles coming to the surface, we saw his/her head coming out of the water, full of fish!

All photos taken by a naturalist with a telephoto lens and cropped. Copyright Discovery Marine Safaris.

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