Looking to add to our amazing office staff!

2015 LOGO

Discovery Marine Safaris Ltd.
760 Island Highway
Campbell River, BC, CANADA, V9W 2C3
Telephone: (250) 287-7008

Job Posting – Customer Serivice/Reservation Agent – 2017 Season

General Description:  Discovery Marine Safaris Ltd. seeks a highly motivated “ambassador of Discovery Marine Safaris Ltd.” who is able to relay her/his enthusiasm of the quality of the whale watching tours to their guests while providing the highest level of customer service.

Company Background:  Established in 2007 Discovery Marine Safaris Ltd. upholds the standard for ethical whale watching set by our sister company Stubbs Island Whale Watching. The Company’s goal is to provide guests with an experience that is highly enjoyable, as well as having high educational and conservation value. Please refer to the webpage for a further profile of the company (www.adventurewhalewatching.com).

The company prides itself on guests having a first-class experience from the time of making a reservation, throughout the check-in procedure and, of course, on the tour itself. Our valued guests often provide feedback acknowledging that the positive team atmosphere and the depth of knowledge are what set us apart. It’s what we Discovery Marine Safaris take the greatest pride in – this team approach; consistency of professionalism; and ethical standard of wildlife viewing.

Location: Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA; 2-hour drive from Nanaimo.

Job Description

Customer Service/Reservation Agents

  • Help our guests with any questions that may arise during their whale watching trip planning phase
  • Take reservations over the phone and on site
  • Use “Resmark” software to enter new whale watching reservations and amend existing reservations
  • Prepare and verify passenger lists
  • Reply to email inquiries professionally and send out confirmation packages to our guests
  • Ensure that the gift shop is well stocked and presentable at all times
  • Assist customers in the gift shop; includes handling cash
  • Undertake office and bathroom cleaning duties
  • Ensure recycling and other environmental practices are carried out as per company policy

Requirements for successful applicants:

  • Must be willing and able to carry out the above duties fully and professionally
  • Must be Canadian or have a Canadian work permit
  • Possess an outstanding work and teamwork ethic
  • Have very good English language skills (spoken and written)
  • Have excellent computer and telephone skills
  • Have a strong environmental ethic
  • Have excellent professional customer service and interpersonal skills; including being friendly, patient, and empathetic
  • Are fast learners receptive to feedback
  • Are able to work weekend and evening shifts and are flexible, recognizing the need for work schedule amendment(s)
  • Are capable of working in a fast paced environment
  • Are willing to become a member of a fun, enthusiastic, positive team aimed at furthering the reputation Stubbs Island Whale Watching has earned for ethical, meaningful and professional wildlife viewing

Further Assets:

  • Knowledge of an additional language
  • Retail experience
  • Social media expertise

Salary: TBD

Work term: Staggered start and end dates.

Part Time Position

Start: Mid June

End: Late September

Applications:  Apply to: Hannah Bergman, Discovery Marine Safaris; info@adventurewhalewatching.com

Application format:

  • Cover letter is to specifically address position requirements
  • Resume to include names and contact details (including email addresses) of 3 references, of which at least 2 must be employment contacts
  • Indicate period of availability

Application deadline:  March 31st 2017

Selection procedure:

  1.  References of short-listed candidates contacted
  2.  Short-listed candidates interviewed via telephone
  3.  Final interviews must be held in April 2017

Email applications only. Please do not call regarding application. Only successful candidates will be contacted.


Contact would occur after March 31st 2017

Sunday, September 25

There was sun to the south this afternoon, so the Kuluta headed south around Quadra Island on the way to the Orford River Valley. Just inside Bute Inlet 2 Dall’s Porpoise were spotted quickly zipping through the calm blue-green seas. At Tower #2 two juvenile Grizzly Bears were fishing in the river. At one point, one of the juveniles was walking along a wet log and slipped off! Right as the group was about to leave 2 more juvenile Grizzly Bears came running up the river, splashing and playing and making quite a ruckus. The 2 juveniles that the group was originally watching got scared by the noise and ran off. At Tower #5 an unusual and exciting wildlife sighting, 2 large male Roosevelt Elk were locking horns! Just as the group was leaving another single very large Grizzly Bear was spotted fishing in the Orford River. On the drive back to the Kuluta another single Roosevelt Elk was spotted walking along one of the logging roads. What a day!


Wednesday, September 21

Another gorgeous September morning met the Tenacious III as the group headed out in search of whales. Just outside of Quathiaski Cove the TOO2C’s, a group of 4 Bigg’s Transient mammal-eating Killer Whales were swimming against the tide. Leaving the whales, the group headed off to Mittlenatch Island to have lunch and watch the Steller Sea Lions bicker and play in the sun. Had a wonderful encounter with 2 Harbour Porpoises, while the engines were shut down the pair swam around the boat a few times, allowing the guests photos of the elusive mammals. A long Bigg’s Transient mammal-eating Killer Whale was spotted hunting near Mittlenatch Island.  A single Humpback Whale rounded off the day with some rolling, spy hopping, and bubble blowing!

Heading north through Discovery Passage the Kuluta stopped to see the TOO2C’s before heading off to the Orford River Valley. The majority of the Grizzly Bear sightings were at the spawning channel today,  wowing the guests with the couple of large males and single female! On the Lgard river a lone bear was fishing in the river, catching multiple large salmons. What an amazing Grizzly Bear day!


Monday, September 12

Grizzly Expedition

Gorgeous day on the water! On the way to the Orford a Humpback Whale was spotted at Marina Reef. What a way to start the tour! The first bear was spotted at Tower #2 a little distance fishing in the river. On the way to old tower #4 we watched 1 Grizzly Bear who laid down on the logs to have a nap, while another came up behind it along the river. At Tower #5 a mum and cub entered the river and caught salmon then headed back into the bush. One last Grizzly was spotted on the road back to the boat!

Whale Watching

Beautiful blue skies and calm waters met the Tenacious III as they departed the dock. Off to Mitlenatch island hundreds of seabirds were spotted all over the rocks. Lots of Steller Sea Lions were hauled out and fighting on the shore, they were extremely noisy! Leaving Mitlenatch, headed through Baker’s Pass towards Lund and Savary Island where 2 Humpback Whales were found.  They were surfacing together and fluking almost in sync, 3-4 minute dives each time. A quick stop at Refuge Cove for lunch, and ice cream from the store! Stopped off at Teakerne Arm to see the waterfall. Near Denham Island some Dall’s Porpoise and a group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins were spotted darting through the calm seas.

Wednesday, September 7

Grizzly Expedition

It was a rainy morning this morning as the Kuluta departed the dock for the Grizzly Expedition just before noon today. Just off Fisherman’s Wharf was KC the Humpback Whale! What a start to an amazing Grizzly Expedition! Up at the Orford, starting at Tower #2 a large male was down river from the stand eating salmon. Across the river were 2 smaller Grizzlies peeking out of the alders!


At Towers #4 and 5 a large Grizzly was spotted fishing upstream from Tower #4.  Down river 2 large male Grizzlies down river from Tower #5 were chasing each other for a prime fishing spot. Two recently kicked out siblings were fishing at Tower #4 until a large male came down river from Tower #5 and chased the siblings off into the forest! Another large male came wandering up from down river a while later! On the way back to the Kuluta there was a single Grizzly bear just off old Tower #3 – a great day in the rain!



Whale Watching Safari

Just as the Tenacious III departed the dock this afternoon the misty rain quit and the skies brightened up, huzzah! Heading off to Marina Island the excited group spotted the TOO2Cs, a group of 4 Bigg’s Transient mammal-eating Killer Whales. The group was spread out in front of Marina Island. Heading off to the Copper Bluffs a Humpback Whale was feeding and circling the area, offering some great fluke shots! The lucky guests also got to see a Steller Sea Lion eating salmon on the shoreline. What a great day!



Tuesday, September 6

Grizzly Expedition

It was a lovely day to see some Grizzlies today! On the way to the Orford the Kuluta came across KC the Humpback Whale at Steep Island! Heading through Okisollo Channel the lucky group of tourists got to see some playful Dall’s Porpoises. Up at the Orford River it was right to Tower 2 today. Lonesome Charlie, a single large Grizzly Bear, was walking along the river bank. The group watched him for quite a while as he fished and lay in the river, how fun! Pretty soon another large male Grizzly Bear joined Lonesome Charlie in the river, both of them were fishing for salmon!


On the road to Tower 4 a small bear cub ran across the road, into the bush, and down the river bank! At Tower 4 a large female was just inside the forest foraging, the guests could hear and see the beautiful female as she wandered around. On the other side of the Orford River a small juvenile Grizzly Bear was fishing in the river! What a day!

Whale Watching Safari

The Tenacious III headed out this afternoon on a mission, just off Steep Island was apparently KC the Humpback Whale! Sure enough KC was there, doing deep, slow dives. It appeared as if he was resting. Heading south around Cape Mudge to Read Island the TOO2C’s were spotted, 5 Bigg’s Transient mammal-eating Killer Whales! They were being extremely social and were very surface active, as well as being vocal! The vocals were coming from both above and below the surface, one of the whales made some sounds above the surface and another was “gargling out of the blow hole!” Amazing!! There were a couple of breaches as well as some cartwheeling, tail-lobbing, pec slapping, and rolling! The group went into hunting mode near some Harbour Seals just as the Tenacious III headed off. Before heading to Mittlenatch Island the group stopped off at the pictographs on Cortes Island in Gorge Harbour.


At Mittlenatch Island an abundance of birds were spotted. including cormorants, some pigeon guillemots, a kingfisher, and tons of Steller Sea Lions hauled out on the south end growling and biting at each other! a gorgeous west coast cloud cover and sky colouring to end the trip!

Monday, September 5

Grizzly Expedition

What a day on the water today! On the way to pick up some guests at April Point Resort, the Kuluta spotted KC the Humpback Whale doing deep dives just off Steep Island. Up at the Orford it was a magical day for Grizzly Bears! Enroute to Tower 4 two Grizzlies were spotted on the road, and then disappeared into the woods after travelling a ways down the road. Just as the group arrived at Tower 4 the rain started up.


At Tower 4 a family group of 4 were fishing and swimming in the river. After a little bit the family group was chased off by 2 juvenile females!


Two more Grizzlies were across the river from Tower 4, eating, fishing, there was great viewing despite the rain! Heading to old Tower 3 there were two Grizzlies in the mist scaling a fallen log into the forest.


At the estuary tower a lone bear was walking along the river, passing a Bald Eagle on a fallen tree. As the Kuluta departed Orford Bay a large Steller Sea Lion was fishing alongside the boat. What an amazing day!