July 14th

Leaving the harbour the skies where bright and sunny showing great promise for the day. Just in Seymour Narrows we encountered a Humpback Whale!


Then heading south we soon spotted the TOO2C group of Biggs or Transient mammal-eating Killer Whales. They put on a lovely show of spy hopping and tail slapping for our luck guests!


We then headed towards Browns Bay where we found KC and Ariel the Humpback Whales! They greeted us with a beautiful show of tail slapping and some breeches!


While slowly making our way back to Campbell River we stopped by Gowland Harbour where we found a bunch of Pacific Harbour Seals.




July 13

What an amazing day! As the Tenacious III left Quathiaski Cove after picking up some guests they came across KC and Arial the Humpback Whales out front of Steep Island.


The siblings were criss-crossing in front of the island and surfacing beautifully in harmony. Leaving KC and Arial the Tenacious III headed up the Discovery Passage where a group of Bigg’s transient, mammal-eating Killer Whales were spotted! Approximately 8-10 Killer Whales were heading slowly south. The large group separated into smaller groups then came back together again.


Captain John and Naturalist Tina decided to stop the boat and serve the snacks and beverages as the guests watched the whales. What a great coffee break! Heading into Nodales Channel after the break the Tenacious III spotted an extremely active pod of Pacific White Sided Dolphins! The 40-50 playful mammals were bow and wake riding, as making some fantastic leaps!


After watching the acrobatic dolphins for a while it was time to head home, what an amazing day!


Tuesday, July 12th

The Tenacious headed south on calm waters this morning towards Mittlenatch Island. There they encountered a Humpback Whale travelling slowly thru the waters. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to watch such a magnificent creature gracefully navigate the ocean waters.


We then headed off towards Savary Island after a report of some Transient (mammal eating) killer whales in the area. They were travelling quickly towards Vancouver Island. They stayed close together as a group with a few short dives and a long dive covering a great distance.


On return to Mittlenatch Island we witnessed many sea birds and some Harbour Seals hauled out on the rocks.  We also made a stop at  Cortez Island to view some ancient Pictographs.



Photo credit: Tina Kuschel taken with telegraphic lens



Monday, July 11th

Wind & Whales!!


The winds were strong around the southern end of Quadra Island so we decided to take the smooth route up Discovery Passage. On our way we watched deer foraging along the shoreline.


We ventured around Sonora Island viewing Pacific Harbour Seals and many Bald Eagles in the whirlpool.


On our return to to Campbell River we witnessed a large Stellar Sea Lion by Seymour Narrows. Just as we were ending the trip we encountered a Humpback Whale named Crescent who proceeded to breach twice while we watched in wonder. What an amazing day!


Photo Credit: Amber Stroeder. Taken with telephoto lens and cropped.

July 8th

Leaving the harbour the sky was ominous; but the rain held off for the entire trip. We saw one Humpback Whale right outside the harbour.


Then we saw two more large blow- 2 more Humpback Whales after seeing them at the surface we could determine they were KC & Arial.


In behind them by April Point we saw some splashes and smaller blows. The Bigg’s or Transient mammal-eating Killer Whales were travelling closely together.


The group split up in tow and we continued to watch them travelling quickly though Seymour Narrows.


There were 13+ spotted, although Captain John thinks he saw 17 in total- the most we’ve seen together this season! Absolutely astounding!


The trip was enjoyed from start till end as we rode the waves coming home.

July 7

We went up Discovery Passage this morning and before we got too far we saw the billowing blow of a Humpback Whale! We stayed with the whale for a while before heading off to see what else we could see.


The landscape was absolutely breath taking with the clouds hugging the mountains. Just outside of Duncan Bay the Tenacious III came across a group of Bigg’s or Transient mammal-eating Killer Whales! The group was moving swiftly with the tide.


Just as we left the whales, two more blows were spotted in the distance, two more Humpback Whales! KC and Arial the Humpback Whale siblings were swimming side by side near Brown’s Bay. Wow!


On the way home we stopped at Gowland Harbour to see the Pacific Harbour Seals lounging on the shore. Returning back to Campbell River we spotted another Humpback Whale! A totally different one than any of the three previous! What an amazing way to end a day!


July 5

It turned into a gorgeous day on the water today! The Tenacious III headed up Discovery Passage this morning in search of wildlife. Just outside of Brown’s bay were KC and Arial the Humpback Whales!


The two siblings were slowly travelling south, offering the guests some amazing fluke shots. After a little while they turned around and began heading north again!


Leaving the Humpbacks the Tenacious III headed into Okisollo Channel. Just in Okisollo, the Tenacious III came across a group of Bigg’s or Transient mammal-eating Killer Whales!


The whales were heading west, and then turned around and headed into Burns Bay. They were circling the Islets around Barnes Bay looking for food!


What an amazing day!