Our Resident Transients!

Reports of Killer Whales came in to our office shortly before the trip was scheduled to depart. With that information in hand the Tenacious III headed for Desolation Sound. It didn’t take long before the whales were in sight and our Marine Naturalist Michelle was able to identify them as the T002C’s, a family of 4 Bigg’s or Transient (mammal- eating) Killer Whales.


Guests were treated to some amazing views of the whales as they passed by Squirrel Cove on Cortez Island and continued south through Desolation Sound. This particular family has has been sighted in our area very consistently over the last few years and is a great example of how the names “Resident” and “Transient” are not very indicative of how these whales live.

Leaving the Killer Whales, Captain John steered the Tenacious III north to watch hundreds of feeding Bald Eagles and dozens of Steller Sea Lions in the fast moving waters of the Arran Rapids. Situated at the entrance of Bute Inlet this was also an idyllic spot to stop and enjoy a hot cup of organic coffee and fresh baked cookies. There was so much activity with birds, marine mammals and towering peaks that one had a hard time knowing where to look!!


On the way back to Campbell River the group was fortunate enough to see “The Hole In The Wall” or what is known in Homalco First Nations lore as “The Raven’s Chamber Pot”. The story goes that the Raven being quite a trickster would take people’s most prized possessions and store them in this location all the while enjoying watching the perplexed people tirelessly search for their belongings!


Wildlife and ancient culture…another remarkable experience!!